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Sunday, April 03, 2016

The Apple Is Beginning To Rust?

Users Find Renting a Movie On iTunes Frees Up Space On iPhone, iPad

 Apple seems to have peaked and is in decline it would seem.

 Many, if not all, believe that 16GB storage on their iPhone and iPad is not sufficient. 

Apple insists that users with 16GB variant iDevice can always save files to the cloud. 

At any rate, several users have found an interesting way to free up storage space on their iPhone and iPad. 

The trick is to rent a movie from iTunes (on your mobile device) that is larger than the storage you have available.

 If you have 500MB free, for instance, you could try and rent Bridge of Spies, which is a 5.79GB download, according to an article on BetaNews.

 "When you click Rent, a loading symbol will appear but then you'll receive a message informing you that "there is not enough available storage" to download the film, and you'll be given the option of managing your storage in Settings. 

Tap the Settings button, and -- ta-da! -- you should see the amount of free storage you now have is much greater than before.
 It is alleged that repeating the process will free up even more space."

Steve Jobs would have flipped out about this leaky storage profits stealing back door...and come up with a disconnect "Mission Impossible" this tape will self destruct after you listen type of a solution of a sort.

We will be watching to see how this is handled or if it will continue to sieve away cloud storage profits... 

And the last thing you don’t know is how to free yourself from the iTunes rentals restrictions.

You can legally remove DRM from your rented m4v movies.

 It's legal ONLY if you purchased the music or video.

 M4V is a video file format developed by Apple to encode TV episodes, movies, and music videos in the iTunes Store.

 The M4V file usually comes with Apple's FairPlay DRM copy protection for anti-piracy purpose.

 In more direct words, the DRM-protected M4V files are only viewable on iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. but not on non-Apple devices.

Consequently, many people are fed up with the DRM protection and want to remove DRM from M4V so as to play these iTunes videos on more devices.

  If you remove DRM from M4V video files, you can convert them to a format that is viewable on Android tablets/phones, Windows RT tablets, PSP, Zune, Kindle Fire, etc.

 For the iTunes M4V video rentals, you shall be aware of the time limitations.

 Once you paid and downloaded the M4V movie from iTunes Store, you are advised to watch it within 24 hours, after hitting play.

 Or else, the movie will delete itself beyond the schedule time.

Worse still, if you want to watch it at other times, please bear in mind the rented M4V movies are only allowed to keep within 30 days.

 But after removing iTunes DRM protection from M4V, you can keep the rental movies without worrying about the expiration.
There are some DRM removal stuff in the market place now.

 The most popular one is NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus.

 Because it has both Mac version and Windows version and it works 20X faster than other converters. 

Plus, it can preserve the video quality.
The following is what I find from its website http://www.noteburner.com
“NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus is an excellent iTunes DRM removal software which helps you
remove DRM protection from both iTunes rentals and purchases M4V.

You can legally remove DRM from rented m4v movie, TV shows and music videos and convert them to unprotected video formats for any media player on computer, any portable media players, smart phones, tablets, etc. “
You may find more information here http://www.noteburner.com/mac-m4v-converter-plus.html
 Here is another program, MacX Video Converter Pro.

  This  M4V DRM removal software kills two birds with one stone, which not only gets rid of DRM protection by recording M4V video on Mac with lossless quality, but also convert the recorded video to HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, Kindle Fire, PSP, Surface, etc at a fast speed.

 Therefore, you can free your video library.

I personally don't mess with all this stuff myself, I pay for monthly cable TV service and pay to view movies on it, and I subscribe to Netflix. 

And I still go to the big screen movie releases.

I guess I am old fashioned that way.

Ethics is everything in the end...

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