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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'We're Going To Kill Cash' (cnet.com) Folks This Shows Who He Unknowingly Works for!!!

At a media event on Thursday, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the Touch ID on the new MacBook Pros will make it incredibly easy for people to do online money transactions.

 After the event, speaking to reporters Cook made a bold statement about how he sees Apple Pay. CNET reports:

 "We're going to kill cash," he said. "Nobody likes to carry around cash."

 He makes most of his purchases with Apple Pay (which is not surprising).

Cook's comment comes days after Australia's top banks refused to support Apple Pay, saying that the company has been 'intransigent, closed and controlling'. 


And of course you knew I was gonna dust this one off and present it to you...


And here is Apples fingerprint ID fail!

 Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Wells Fargo, and 19 other financial institutions announced plans for their money-transfer app, Zelle, which is meant to rival person-to-person payment platforms such as Venmo and Square Cash, according to a Recode report.

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