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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Mysterious Star Pulses May Be Alien Signals, Study Claims (iop.org)

"Strange pulses of cosmic light might be signals from hundreds of different alien civilizations -- or just the latest false alarm in the tortuous search for E.T.," reports Space.com.

 The paper argues that the signals "cannot be caused by instrumental or data analysis effects."

Finally, we consider the possibility, predicted in a previous published paper, that the signals are caused by light pulses generated by extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI) to makes us aware of their existence.

 We find that the detected signals have exactly the shape of an ETI signal predicted in the previous
publication and are therefore in agreement with this hypothesis. 

The fact that they are only found in a very small fraction of stars within a narrow spectral range centered near the spectral type of the Sun is also in agreement with the ETI hypothesis. 
The researchers add that "at this stage, this hypothesis needs to be confirmed with further work," and Seth Shostak, a senior astronomer at SETI, tells Space.com that "If I were a betting guy, I'd bet this is an artifact of the way they processed their data."

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