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Friday, October 14, 2016

I have lived in Costa Mesa California since 1965 and I like it here alot!

And I have seen it go from a farm type of city to a high density city.

Builders were allowed to take down "old inventory" which was older single family homes on large lots.

In their place they build high density multistory apartments and condos.

Now the builders are being allowed to build high density multistory ultra-compact living in the form of stacked apartments.

Our city is becoming grid locked slowly but surely as these builders are allowed to haphazardly build all over the city with no apparent city plan in place.

City services have been decreased such as fire and police while the population is increasing.

Here is what is happening.

The Army is very concerned at what American cities will be like in the future.

Here is an Army video obtained through freedom of information that they use at the Pentagon.

As you can see it is not good.

Elect people in your local elections who will put a stop to the insanity going on in our cities.

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