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Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Border

 Written May 1992

The management of our relations with Mexico now looms as one of the most pressing foreign-policy challenges facing the United States.

The problems confronting the two countries are great, and nowhere are they as starkly apparent as they are along the U.S.-Mexican border, a region that is by turns desolate and congested, dirt poor and thriving, lawless and a police state.

 Our correspondent has filed two reports.

 The first, appearing this month, focuses on immigration, drugs, and law enforcement. 

The second, appearing next month, will focus on economic and environmental issues.s


This is a very interesting read.

There are vast sections of the border that have no border definition at all.

The Border

Read the conclusion of Langewiesche's two-part article on the U.S.-Mexican border, from the June, 1992, issue of The Atlantic.

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