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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Are You A Defeated Warrior Today?

Any student of the Bible is very familiar with the story of David and Goliath.

How did a young shepherd boy take down a mighty warrior?

How did he overcome the challenges and obstacles surrounding him?

David's victory was against all odds and highly improbable at best.

He shouldn't have won, but he did.

David coped with a situation that held an entire army of experienced men at bay because of their own fears.

 There are dynamics here about successful and unsuccessful people. What looks like suffering and adversity to one person looks like opportunity to another person.

David was not entering into the situation blindly.

 He knew what his own skill set was.

 He knew how to take out predators of the flock with his sling and stones.

He had many hours, while out in the pastures, to hone his skill and accuracy with the leather sling he used.

The only thing standing between predators and the flock was David.

David relied on his abilities to do his job well.

 He trusted in the Lord to be his strength, to make him strong to the task of a shepherd.

The tipping point is always one's outlook of the challenges surrounding one's self.

There are many pressures presenting obstacles to what God has called anyone of us to do for Him.

It is never a smooth journey to the goals that Almighty God has called us to.

Life is real and full of stuff challenging us, do we fear, do we run, or do we take a stand in the strength of the Lord and move forward towards the goal?

Taking out the obstacles and clearing a path for others to follow?

Great men of God do that you know.

They overcome every obstacle in their own path and meet the challenges head on so they can become what God has chosen them to become.

While others sit on the side lines full of fear and worry.

David was discriminated against and went through adversity to arrive at his powerful moment in time.
The results sounded down through the centuries to us.

The most feared warrior GIANT was taken out by a kid.

Not any ordinary kid, a shepherd boy who had faith in his God.

A kid who believed his God to be as real as the breath he relied in.

 Goliath was over ten feet tall and David was only 5'11'' in height.

What faces you today?

How are you reacting to what faces you?

 What is your own attitude?

Are you on the side lines proclaiming that your life is over?

I know a man of God who sits in his home feeling like that about himself in defeat right now.

Don't feel bad, an entire army of warriors felt that way.

But one kid showed them their error, he was the tipping point!

The man of God is just that.

He leads others on to victory in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Brant Baker was like that, always pointing others to Jesus Christ.

Nothing can ever stand in the way of the man of God.

He is a leader, he is a way pointer.

Others are encouraged by him.

Others get unstuck and start moving in the right direction when the man of God is around.

The man of God trust in the Lord and is anointed to do what he has been called upon to do.

 If he sits on the sidelines with the defeated warriors then nothing happens and Goliath wins the battle.
David vs goliath

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