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Saturday, November 05, 2016

I Hate The Time Change!

Homemade water slide fail

I can do that, watch me

From the West Coast, Never seen ice before

Puppy And Baby Love

Bears know how to get that itchy back scratched

puppy dinner reaction

And you can own it today

 Ok...It is 1965 and i read in Popular Mechanics magazine that one day TV's will be thin. This is at a period of time when TV's are CRT's with large box enclousures.

Then I read that the TV's will be so thin they will be able to hang on walls.

And now I am told that they will be on walls like wallpaper.

Guess what, it is now a reality!  

  Found in Vegas

Dude, don't blow my cover!

  TIL of a bank heist in which the robbers got away with $30 million cash, and carefully covered their tracks by wiping down everything down in their townhouse before they left; however they forgot to start the dishwasher and so their fingerprints were found on dirty dishes.

Want To See A Sliver Of What Google Knows About You?
You can now download your entire Google search history.

  Along the murky border of China and Myanmar, the stringent morals of both countries give way to a no-man’s-land where prostitution is unchecked, gambling is rampant, and the tiger bone wine flows freely.

 Lake Havasu Thinks They Have The London Bridge...They Don't.
London's Tower Bridge during construction in 1892


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