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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Privacy Browser Used By Edward Snowden Available For Free To All

In an age of evercookies, zombie cookies, and always expanding efforts to track browsers, devices, and people -- is there any way to browse totally anonymous to the sites you are visiting? 

With so many technologies quietly monitoring your activity, "How can a user today browse with confidence that they can't be tracked or identified, avoiding even being identified anonymously as a returning user or device?" 

For the truly paranoid:


And if your not the least bit paranoid:

A Napster co-founder launched a new software this week which lets you search for anything you've ever looked at on your computer.

A report from CNNMoney: 

Atlas Informatics Founder and CEO Jordan Ritter calls the software "a photographic memory for your digital life"... 

This includes web pages, emails, Slack chats, Netflix films, Spotify songs, or anything else that's appeared in front of your eyes on your screen... 

You can search by keyword, content type or time, and it displays all related information based on relevancy. 

For instance, if two documents were open at the same time and you toggled between them, they will both appear whether or not they contain a keyword. 

Once installed on your hard drive and browser, Atlas Recall runs in the background and begins collecting your activity. 

The company captures all the content you've looked at and stores it on its servers.
It's encrypted before transmission to the Atlas Cloud servers, though you can block it from capturing data from certain applications, files, and web sites. 

"The platform wars are over, nobody won, and no one will ever win them again..."

 "What we want is something that works the way we use our devices and data."

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