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Monday, November 14, 2016

The Empire Benny Hinn Aquired

During the early 90's I was approached by two men in business suits who had found out that I had recently been ordained.

They said they had come from Las Vegas to see me.

I was at the time working evenings here in Orange County, in an office cold calling people to offer them an opportunity to join groups of people who were filing with the FCC to apply for the lottery give away of the radio spectrum licenses in areas around the USA for cell phone usage.

This was before anyone had even heard about cell phones yet since the technology was relatively new.

If a group won a license they could then lease to the cellular networks for a profitable income stream.

The two men took me aside and said, "We understand you are ordained.

We have an offer for you.

Choose any location you want anywhere in America and we will provide you with any architect you desire to design a church and we will purchase the land and build it for you.

All we will ask in return is 30% of all church offerings."

Of course I said to them, "Is this a prank?"

They then told me that it was legit and they have done it quite a few times for others.

I declined their offer.

I recall that they gave me their card and said, "Give us a call when you change your mind."

I threw away the card and quit that job.

I was shocked by it all.

But it stands to reason that the mob or nefarious types would have a hand in religion because of the money involved...

And of course they would go after the newly ordained without a church or connections, assuming that they would want to take them up on their offer.

I didn't but some obviously have accepted their offer if they are to be believed.

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