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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

A Healing Verified

Here's a healing story you might find interesting

This begins in the winter of 1976.

 I was in a grocery store, passing the magazine aisle, when my eyes fell upon a 'gossip' type newspaper titled, "Midnight". I don't typically stare at the front page of magazines or newspapers, but this one was different, because it featured a photo of Brant Baker praying for a lady in a wheelchair.

 I certainly knew who Brant was, so I picked up the paper and began reading the accounts of a number of physical healings that had supposedly occurred in various Shekinah Fellowship services.

 My eyes widened when I reached the last few paragraphs of the first column, as it told the story of the healing of a lady in the Seattle area (where I live).

 I will quote directly from the paper...

"Take Caren Leanderson, a 32 year old Sattle, Wash. woman facing the possibility of undergoing a hysterectomy. Two Pap tests to detect cancer in women came up positive and Caren's doctor had little doubt she was in the early stages of cancer. 

He scheduled more tests and said she would probably have to undergo surgery. One night, as her husband Roy prayed, he felt 'a special presence of the Holy Spirit' and knew the Lord was going to touch his wife.

They looked forward to Brant's services at their church. 'The second evening of the services, I went forward for prayer fully believing I would be healed', said Caren. "And as Brant prayed for me, the power of God came upon me'. Caren returned to her doctor confident she had been healed. Further tests proved negative, and there was no need for surgery." .....

Well, I bought the paper and read all of the fascinating accounts of the physical healings that had occurred in a number of Brant's services. I kept the paper for future reference....

Fast-forward to 1985, nine years after the article was written. I'd just received word that Brant Baker had recently passed away. In the midst of my sorrow, I suddenly remembered the article and found the paper.

The next day I looked in the phone book for Caren Leanderson, the Seattle woman who'd been healed years before. I found the number and called. Her mother answered the phone.

Caren was on vacation with her husband at the time, but when I asked her mother if Caren had really had cancer and been healed, she replied, "Oh, yes. And test showed the cancer was gone and never returned. She's perfectly healthy after all these years."

 We talked on for a few minutes. She was saddened to hear of Brant's death, but was thankful for the way God had used him....

You know, it's funny- I never thought there was much truth in those kind of 'newspapers', but that particular one contained a wonderful story of a woman healed of female cancer by the power of God, and her own mother confirmed it to me some nine years later!

How 'bout that?

pastor Jim Ewing

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