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Friday, September 04, 2015

Secure and Anonymous Browser and Something To Put On My Watchlist I Think

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 I downloaded this internet search giant's browser and took it for a test run.

I was actually surprised at how fast and relevant it was.

The search engine impressed me, which few outside of Google do.

Yandex has the largest search engine in Russia with 60% market share in that country.

They are the "Google of Russia."

They are also one of the largest internet companies in Europe.

They also have a music site. 
Sorry it does not work for some areas. A good VPN should  may cure that though, some would suggest...

In the meanwhile here is another Russian radio station that does work everywhere.

Some investment advisors are suggesting that now might be a good time to invest inYandex.

Those who early on got Google, when most people were still laughing at the name, realized great increase over time as you well know now. ( 599.17 as of this typing)

One advisement source says:

"A long-term winner
For starters, Yandex absolutely dominates the Russian search market, holding a Google-esque iron grip on this highly lucrative segment of the advertising market. It's the reason why Yandex's profit margins have hovered between a low of 28.5% and a high of 34.1% over the last four full fiscal years. And try as it might, the mighty Google can't seem to impinge on Yandex's market dominance, even as it gobbles market share from Yandex's other domestic rivals."

 " Russia's Internet penetration rate of roughly 60% remains significantly lower than other developed markets and should increase in the years ahead, recession or no recession.

 And despite its relatively diminutive Internet penetration, Russia has developed a robust online advertising economy that will continue to grow at outsized rates in the years to come.

 At an investor conference in December, Yandex estimated online ad spending will increase at an average annual rate of 18% from last year to 2016.

 And while the widely expected economic contraction might dampen some of that growth, hopefully we can all agree that Yandex enjoys a dominant position in a high margin, high growth area of technology."


This is a relatively affordable Russian stock that we should keep an eye on. It is at a low (11.57 as of this typing) currently and one could get in during this window if it drops even lower. 
52wk Range:9.94 - 32.05

If Yandex is the new Google of Russia and Europe one could realize an increase in the years to come.

But like any stock pick, buyer beware, it is always speculative when playing stocks.

Those who got on with Zerox, Apple or Disneyland early got some nice rewards. But this rarely happens in the world of stocks.

None the less I am still watching Yandex closely.

Go ahead and do some research on it...

Yandex N.V. (YNDX)


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