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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

The Finest Music Studios In The World

Digifishmusic Studios 

Abbey Road StudiosAbbey Road Studios 

Music has always played a wonderful part in man's existence upon this earth.

To have a sound reproduction system of audiophile quality is the quest and dream of everyone who loves and enjoys music.

My friend Erik is currently working on making the finest and the most affordable sound reproduction systems that he and his engineer can come up with.

He has shared some of the specs with me and they far surpass what could be expected from such affordable equipment.

In-fact at the Newport Audio show they displayed an amp submerged in a container of liquid dielectric.

There it sat emitting tiny bubbles that slowly trickled to the surface from a cmos.

Erik and his engineer were amazed at the amount of high end audiophiles from other vendors that gathered around their demonstration of their featured amp. There was very high interest in their amplifier.

The sound that was coming from this tiny amp was difficult to believe at it's price point.

It rivaled other equipment at the show costing thousands of dollars!

They single-highhandedly proved that you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to get true audiophile realism from an amp.

They are on a quest to develop audio equipment that is of the highest quality obtainable and that does not take up a lot of space in your home to achieve perfection in sound reproduction.

All within a very reasonable budget that anyone can afford.

Not an easy task.

But Erik and his engineer are accomplishing their task.

Currently they are working on a fantastic Dac that blows the pants off of the competition at a very low price point.

They recently got their hands on some surplus military chips that are truly phenomenal in their specs.

These chips are going to be the heart of their new Dac.

Built for performance and reliability the chips are a rare find and will definitely put this Dac over the top.

It is unfortunate that you can't obtain any of these two geniuses creations yet.

I feel like I am privy to something big, almost as if I were in that little garage watching two other men build a small computer on a wooden platform. Two men who are well known today because they were driven to give the world computers...

I will keep you informed of these audiophile men who are blowing away the competition with their creations.   Erik has expressed his desire to take some of their creations to crowd funding sources unless an angel investor should come along, that is the route they will be taking to market their creations.

This is really exciting to watch!

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