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Monday, April 04, 2016

Hey When Your Spending OPM "Other People's Money."

For those of you who have traveled through U.S. airports in recent years, you may have noticed the Transport Security Administration (TSA) use a Randomizer app to randomly search travelers in the Pre-Check lane

The app randomly chooses whether travelers go left or right in the Pre-Check lane so they can't predict which lane each person is assigned to and can't figure out how to avoid the random checks. 

Developer Kevin Burke submitted a Freedom of Information Act request asking for details about the app. The documents he received reveals the TSA purchased the Randomizer iPad app for $336,413.59

 That's $336,413.59 for an app, which is incredibly simple to make as most programming languages of choice have a randomizing function available to use.

 What may be even more intriguing is that the contract for the TSA Randomizer app was won by IBM. 

The total amount paid for the project is actually $1.4 million, but the cost is not broken down in Burke's documents.

 It's possible IBM supplied all the iPads and training in addition to the app itself.

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