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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

We Do Not Have A "Donation" Button We Have Never Accepted "Donations." God Guides God Provides. The Calling Of God Is The Enabling Of God.

The Pentecostal Handshake

Originally Posted Here July 18, 2007


The chaos found among today's Pentecostals is far less humorous than the famed swinging from chandeliers.

The money, money, money factor is not so funny.

 Most of the charismatic leaders can no longer say, silver and gold have I none, but neither can they say rise up and walk.

It is almost impossible to mix fund raising with a healing ministry without it suggesting that your chances of being healed are better if you give.

Financial wealth gives the look of success and we tend to measure God’s blessings by it.

We all understand that it takes a certain amount of money to support any type of lifestyle at any level.

From the poorest to the richest; it all takes money.

How we spend that money, if it is to be in good conscience, depends on how we obtain it.

Extracting large sums of money from the corporate body of Christ and then funneling those funds to a single member of that body creates an imbalance.

We as Christians collectively are a healthy, wealthy, body.

But to heap that wealth upon one member of the body while another member of that same body suffers is an injustice to the body itself.

The body of believers that continually support this imbalance are just as guilty of misusing their funds as those who fleece the flock are.

Charismatic abuses surrounding the subject of money are much more prevalent than the misuse of spiritual gifts.

There are many deceiving charlatans in the ministry, and even more self deceived charlatans in the ministry.

They deceive themselves by what they think is the higher good; the end justifies the means.

They feel their worth in helping so many people as a noble reason to live extravagantly.

Many ministers are even using the congregation as a means to gain financially through multi level marketing programs.

They travel around taping into a new circle of people at each new church they visit so they can sign them up.

 They mix their ministry with this other motive and justify it by saying the product is a blessing to the people, or the business opportunity will bless them.

 The churches invite these guest speakers for inspiration and encouragement to be brought closer to Jesus but there is an underlying theme of business lurking behind the scene, another agenda.

Remember to support the work of God, not the works of men.

Put everything to the test of Holy Scripture.

Matthew 7:16, "Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles."

Tilson Shumate
Pastor Shekinah Fellowship

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