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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Typical night at Surfer51's home.

Suzie Chicken, Big Kitty, and Donnie Boy.

Suzie was given to us by Erik Janson. She is a very sentient being and always comes in at night to hang with me.

Big kitty was abandoned by a family who had the nerve to "declaw" him!

And Donny is a miracle.

The LA County in California had him in the pound.

 Three times he escaped the gas chamber because no one would adopt him.

Apparently he would comfort other animals who were very nervous, licking and grooming them and calming them down.

The workers noticed this so one of them would hide him when his allotted time for the gas chamber would come up.

Three times he escaped!
And of course there is this vibrantly exceptional blogger who loves life and has what amounts to a farm of rescued animals...

7 Cats, two other cats have passed on, one poisoned and one killed by the neighbors pit bull, currently 3 dogs, three other dogs have passed on of old age, 7 birds one who is a broken winged bird who will never fly, his brother was killed by the neighbors pit bull, one chicken, two full grown red eared slider turtles, one skunk, one raccoon, one ferule black cat, and  host of squirrels who visit off and on.

And we would have it no other way.

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