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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Us Old Folks Don't Know About This.

Young people use chat app Kik to communicate and connect with one another.

And Kik has beaten facebook at launching a "bot" store.

 "Messengers are the new browsers and bots are the new websites," Kik's Mike Roberts told The Next Web. The messaging app that's big with America's youth has launched a bot store and developer platform to support it

The Kik Bot Shop offers mini-apps that you can add to your account and either chat to directly or use in your chats with others.

 For example, at launch, there's a bot that inserts relevant Vine videos into your chats at your request, similar to Giphy's insanely popular Slack integration, and if you do prefer GIFs, Riffsy (which also powers Twitter's GIFs) has a bot for Kik.

 A Weather Channel bot can tell you the forecast on demand or send you a regular update, and if you're looking for beauty tips, Sephora's bot has you covered.

 There are 18 bots in the store at launch, but Kik is keen for developers to build more.

And then there is the spinning top tricks you never knew about...

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