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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

5,300 U.S. water systems are in violation of lead rules

You live in America.

You think that water coming from your faucet is safe for you and your family to drink, right?

After all this is America.

 "Imagine a cop sitting, watching people run stop signs, and speed at 90 miles per hour in small communities and still doing absolutely nothing about it -- knowing the people who are violating the law.

And doing nothing.

That's unfortunately what we have now," said Erik Olson, health program director at Natural Resources Defense Council, which analyzed the EPA's data for its report.

 Basic Information about Lead in Drinking Water


I use a six stage water filtration system to remove everything that is put into my water.

 After much research to find an affordable water purifying system I settled upon a do it yourself system that gave me really incredible value per dollar spent.

I combined a two step system from Home Depot called the Kube and another four step system from Costco.

Both are relatively cost effective and do the job efficiently when joined together in series.

The first system is comprised of two large charcoal cylinders.

The second system is comprised of four stages, one of which is a reverse osmosis step which is needed to remove the lead and the flouride.

It was very easy to install under my sink by myself.

You really should think about protecting yourself and your family from the extremely toxic water that is being presented to you.

This is important:

You will have to reintroduce the beneficial trace minerals back into your water that the above system removes.

Top 5 myths about lead in your drinking water

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