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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Google has Been Watching You Closely And Recorded All Your Activity

It's gonna take you hours and hours to delete all activity...LOL!

Google has released a new section to Google's account settings, called My Activity, which lets users review everything that Google has tracked about their online behavior -- search, YouTube, Chrome, Android, and every other Google service. 

 Best of all, users can edit or delete their tracked behaviors.

 In addition, the My Activity tools come with new ad preferences

Google is now offering to use its behavioral information to tailer ads shown across the wider non-Google internet and Google's search pages, which until now was purely done through the use of cookies. 

The difference between Google and other companies that offer ads like Facebook is that Google is
making this interest-based advertising extension optional, or opt-in, not opt-out. 

There are two separate behavioral advertising settings for users to switch on or off: signed in ads and signed out ads.

 Signed in ads are those on Google services, and signed out ads are those served by Google on third-party sites. 

However, if you're conscious about your privacy, you'll probably want to stay opted out.

So if you want to opt out of Google's recording of everything you do and everywhere you are you could use:



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