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Thursday, June 30, 2016


Researchers say they have found the first clear evidence that the thinning in the ozone layer above Antarctica is starting to heal

The scientists said that in September 2015 the hole was around 4 million sq km smaller than it was in the year 2000 -- an area roughly the size of India.

 The gains have been credited to the long term phasing out of ozone-destroying chemicals. 

[The study also sheds new light on the role of volcanoes in making the problem worse.]

The ozone-destroying chemicals, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), have been shown to be declining in their influence, causing the ozone layer to grow once more.

"Even though we phased out the production of CFCs in all countries including India and China around the year 2000, there's still a lot of chlorine left in the atmosphere," Prof Solomon told the BBC World Service Science in Action program.

 "It has a lifetime of about 50-100 years, so it is starting to slowly decay and the ozone will slowly recover."

Scientists also believe that volcanic sulphur can form tiny particles that act as seeds to Polar Stratospheric Clouds, where chlorine chemistry occurs that destroys the ozone.


 As always our handlers program all of us to believe what they want us to believe,  public perception.

And the truth is that CFC's are heavier than air.

  For years, the most common refrigerant gas used in air-conditioning systems was R-22 (Freon).

  Freon is an “odorless, tasteless, chemically neutral substance” and is in fact “heavier than air.”

This means that according to “the laws of physics” Freon “cannot rise into the atmosphere.”

 That’s because it is “heavier than air by a minimum of a four-to-one ratio.”

 Freon isn’t harmful if it is “spilled onto the ground.”

It simply becomes “plant food.”

If all of this is true, then why did the EPA designate Freon harmful to environment and push to have it banned?

DuPont and the EPA conspired to protect the corporation’s bottom line.

With the expiring patent on Freon, DuPont would lose the revenues and market dominance and Freon would be available to the world for very little cost.

Freon is easy to produce at a cost of only $.50 to $1.00 per pound.

However, since it’s been banned, Freon now sells on the world black markets for over $50 per pound.

DuPont came up with a new patented replacement and all was well for DuPont.

Freon was developed and patented by the DuPont Company.

Ironically, the DuPont patents on Freon ran out at about the same time the government decrees to ban the use of Freon were issued.

The leading replacement substances for Freon were also developed by DuPont.

The Freon (HCFC) substances are far more costly and far more complex, to the extent that DuPont stands to make untold billions of dollars on the change out of this substance, and consumers will have an inferior product.

Further, the DuPont substitutes have no supporting data to prove they meet environmental needs.

 Freon, the "villain", is an odorless, tasteless, chemically neutral substance, which is HEAVIER THAN AIR, and by the laws of physics cannot rise into the atmosphere.

 If is spilled on the ground, it will settle in the soil and become plant food.

It meets the Biblical standard of "ashes to ashes and dust to dust."

 With the expiration of the DuPont patents, Freon would have been readily available as an air conditioning and refrigeration substance for the entire world, including Third World Countries, at affordable rates.

 According to THE FACT FINDER, P.O. Box A, Scottsdale, AZ 85252, (1/16/95), DuPont owners have direct ties to the NEW AGE-ENVIRONMENTAL MOVEMENT which, in turn has ties to the EPA and such luminaries as Vice President Al Gore.

Gore has ties to THE NEW WORLD ORDER of George Bush and Bill Clinton.

According to THE FACT FINDER, Charles Bronfman of Seagrams, who controls the Board of Directors of DuPont, led the fight against Freon, his own product, because the DuPont patents to control Freon had run out.

 Our upper atmosphere does contain Ozone (O3) (a compound made up of three oxygen atoms) as claimed by government and new age people.

The atmosphere also contains a large amount of natural oxygen (O2) (made up of two oxygen atoms) in its natural state.

 About twenty per cent of the air we breath is Natural Oxygen (O2).

 Ozone is formed in the atmosphere by a break up on natural oxygen molecules (O2).

This break up occurs in the atmosphere when certain ultraviolet sun rays strike Oxygen molecules and split them in half.

The split single Oxygen atoms (O1) are very unstable, and quickly attach themselves to other natural occurring Oxygen molecules (O2) with two Oxygen atoms to form Ozone (O3).

At any given time, there are several tons of Ozone produced every second in the atmosphere five to twenty five miles above the earth.

 As long as there is natural Oxygen molecules (O2) and sun light, there will be Ozone (O3), a natural law of basic science.

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