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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Live Worship At Poeima Fellowship With Oden Fong 2002


Recorded live by me during an evening Poeima Fellowship worship service in 2002.

 When the church was located in a hidden room behind the Goodwill thrift store on the corner of Magnolia and Adams Ave in Huntington Beach California.

I used a pair of headphones for a mic (High End Professional Audio Technica) on a Sony Minidisc digital audio recorder. Turned out very well much to my amazement.

I set the headphones and recorder on the floor just under my chair and let it run.

I am really glad I decided to record the worship that night because Pedro Buford  is now with the Lord and this is to the best of my knowledge the only recording of him and Oden leading worship together in a Bible study.

I once talked with Oden about how he personally leads worship.

He told me that he closes his eyes and follows the Holy Spirit as to what to play, forgetting that he is seated in front of others.

He gets caught up in the Spirit and worships with all his being.

I think that this is why the Holy Spirit always manifest His presence when Oden is leading worship.

He has never tried to be more than he is when in front of God's people.

I know from experience because I used to be the roadie for a season or two when his band, Mustard Seed Faith played in prisons, mental health institutions, and churches back in the early 70's.

If you want to see what an authentic worship leader is like you really should visit.

Address: Halecrest Park Clubhouse, 3107 Killybrooke Ln, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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