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Monday, December 26, 2016

The Stock I Am Going To Watch In 2017?


Here's why...

As Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Baidu take turns leapfrogging each other in artificial intelligence innovation, one company stands to profit from any outcome: Nvidia.

I expect the tide to rise higher.


I am also going to watch Toshiba. 

It's stock value is circling the drain right now.

Toshiba's troubles keep piling up.

From a report on CNN Money: 

 The Japanese firm's shares plunged 20% on Wednesday, after the company warned it is expecting billions of dollars in losses from its takeover of a U.S. nuclear construction business last year.

 "We're still figuring out the exact numbers, but it could reach up to several hundred billion yen," CEO Satoshi Tsunakawa told reporters Tuesday. 

Toshiba's U.S. nuclear-power subsidiary Westinghouse acquired CB&I Stone & Webster late last year, when Toshiba was still struggling to recover from a $1.2 billion accounting scandal. 

Toshiba's shares dived in the months following that scandal, which led to a major management reshuffle after the Japanese conglomerate admitted it had doctored financial results for years. 

The company reported a loss of 460 billion yen ($3.9 billion) for 2015.


Faced with the prospect of a multibillion-dollar write-down that could wipe out its shareholders' equity, Japan's Toshiba is running out of fixes:

 It is burning cash, cannot issue shares, and has few easy assets left to sell

 The Tokyo-based conglomerate, which is still recovering from a $1.3 billion accounting scandal in 2015, dismayed investors and lenders again this week by announcing that cost overruns at a U.S. nuclear business bought only last year meant it could now face a crippling charge against profit.

 Toshiba says it will be weeks before it can give a final number, but a write-down of the scale expected -- as much as 500 billion yen ($4.3 billion), according to one source close to Toshiba -- would leave the group scrambling to plug the financial hole and keep up hefty investments in the competitive memory chip industry, which generates the bulk of its operating profit. 

"Toshiba's immediate problem is that it is burning cash at an alarming rate, and this will be more than challenging," said Ken Courtis, chairman of Starfort Investment Holdings. 

"I see little option but to sell a slew of non-core assets."One source in the semiconductor industry said Toshiba could revive plans to list a slice of the memory chip business, which though highly profitable burns through cash for reinvestment.

 "Toshiba will probably need to sell 30-40 percent of the NAND business in an IPO to secure enough cash," the source said, adding China's aggressive drive into NAND flash memory chips could make the timing reasonable. 

The group has already said it could reconsider the "positioning" of its nuclear business, deemed core last year, and has signaled it could trim an 87 percent stake.

If it looks like Toshiba stands back up and brushes the dust off and rolls up it's sleeves once the plummet subsides, I might think about getting on board at the lowered price point.

That is if Toshiba survives the meltdown.

I have two Toshiba laptops and that is about as close to Toshiba I am personally.

  A Toshiba spokesman declined to comment on the stock plunge.

 On Tuesday, Toshiba executives said they remain optimistic about the nuclear business.

Which tells me that they are not quitters and just may get things under control.

If they do, then anyone jumping on board at the lowered price point will realize some value...


Rumor has it that Apple is building a car.  It is speculated that Apple "project Titan" is the car project that Steve talked about back in the 80's.

If this is true then Apple could be in for some atmospheric assent.
Over all tread lightly.

Some have been predicting a market crash of 80%.

Especially since we are in uncharted presidential territory as it were. No one really knows which way the tide will go.

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