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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Lost (TV series)

My wife and I have been binge watching Lost on Netflix.

This time around with no commercial interruptions or waiting a week for the next episode like all of us had to do when it first appeared on TV.

It really makes watching the series much better because you can keep up with the story line and instantly resume the story where there once was a commercial break and worse yet the dreaded week long wait between episodes.

And of course that is what binge watching is all about...right?

It also helps that we haven't seen Lost since it first aired on TV.

Lost was filmed on Panavision 35 mm cameras almost entirely on the Hawaiian island of Oahu due to the wide range of diverse filming locations available in close range. 

The original island scenes for the pilot were filmed at Mokulē'ia Beach, near the northwest tip of the island.

The scenes are clear and well orchestrated filmed in a very high quality image.



Lost Season One
Lost was an American serial drama television series that predominantly followed the lives of the survivors of a plane crash on a mysterious tropical island. There, they had to negotiate an unknown monster, an unpredictable group of prior occupants, strange, other worldly island inhabitants, polar bears, and each other as they tried to survive and attract rescue. The main ingredients that have made Lost an icon for success have been its international ensemble cast, plotline of mysteries, flashbacks, flash-forwards and flash sideways.

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