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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Opera Browser Now Has A Mini Desktop In A Browser Called Neon

Opera today announced it's launching a new browser called Opera Neon

From a report on Engadget:

It's a separate "concept" browser that shows where software could go.

 It's much more visual, with an uncluttered look, tabs and shortcuts as bubbles and a side control bar that largely gets out of your way. 

However, the real fun starts when you want to juggle multiple sites -- this is more of an intelligent desktop than your usual web client.

 If you want to have two pages running side by side, it's relatively easy: you drag one of your open tabs to the top of the window, creating a split view much like what you see in Windows or the multi-window modes on mobile devices. 

Also, Neon acknowledges that your browser can frequently double as a media player.

 You can listen to tunes in the background, or pop out a video in order to switch websites while you watch. 

These aren't completely novel concepts all by themselves, but it's rare to see all of them in a browser at the same time.

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