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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Now More Then Ever Before You Have To Watch What You Eat!

Even Squirrels don't like GMO corn.

Left in the back yard. They ate the 'real' corn and left the crap.

There's a little known, dirty story about the International Space Station (ISS): 

It's filled with bacteria and fungi. 

A new study has found compelling evidence that microorganisms from human skin are present throughout the station, and some of the bugs could cause serious harm to astronauts.

The most concerning finding was from the "high-efficiency particulate arrestance" (HEPA) air filter used in the ISS: 99.65% of the viable sequences they retrieved came from Actinobacteria. 

The Actinobacteria phylum includes Corynebacterium and Propionibacterium; each genus was found in the ISS samples at a high level, which is "problematic," say the researchers, because they both have species that are opportunistic pathogens

Astronauts who live in microgravity for prolonged periods also can have compromised immune systems.

Here on earth we are also under heavy relentless attack by products from Monsanto.

Glyphosate Interferes with Biochemistry of Bacteria in our guts, bacteria needed for our immune systems to be healthy.

Many of you are justifiably concerned about the toxic effects of pesticides in our environment and in our foods since so many have proven harmful to us.

While some have been banned, some persist in the U.S. though other countries have exercised more caution than us...than the U.S.!

Here is the first of two video interviews with Dr. Stephanie Seneff from MIT, who reveals how and why popular herbicides like RoundUp (and others) that contain glyphosate have a multiplier killing effect on creatures of planet earth.

So how should we eat to protect ourselves?

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