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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Razer Built a Laptop With Three Screens Because Why Not? (engadget.com)

At CES in Las Vegas today, Razer unveiled a prototype that could change the way we play. 

Project Valerie, the world's first laptop to incorporate three built-in monitors.

From a report on Engadget: 
Each screen measures 17.3 inches with 4K resolution -- that's 12k total (11520 x 2160) viewing space. 

They slide out from the central lid chassis under their own power and autonomously position themselves to create a full 180-degree viewing area, powered by NVIDIA's Surround View technology, which enables programs to spread a single image across multiple monitors. 

All of the computer's wiring is internal so you won't have to worry about snagging power cords as the screens deploy. 

The Valerie also utilizes Razer's short-throw keyboard, an all-aluminum case and the computing prowess of the 17-inch Blade Pro.

No word on pricing.

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