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Thursday, January 19, 2017

My Home Town Costa Mesa, a bad place for kids to grow up now!

When I grew up in Costa Mesa California there was a lot for kids to do in town.

We had a drive in movie theater and one movie theater.

We had two ice skating rinks and one roller rink.

We had a nearby go cart track.

We had a batting cage.

We had pony rides.

We had two bowling alleys.

We had a library.

We had safe parks.

Today all of this is gone except for a movie theater with multiple screens and one small expensive bowling alley and two libraries

Today, go to any park in Costa Mesa and you can find used hypodermic needles.

The parks are now havens for users of drugs.

The city fathers were interested in other things more important than it's kids.

They allowed increased building density in a haphazard who cares way.

In the process they left their kids to drift.

And to think that Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa started here...

Iceland knows how to stop teen substance abuse, but the world isn't listening. 

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