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Sunday, February 28, 2016

California Weather Control Continues And No One Seems To Care, Certainly Not Governor Jerry Brown

Sat. Feb 27, 2016

High pressure has been parked off the California coast for the 10th straight day which continues to block all weather systems from delivering rain into Southern California! 

Aerosol 'chemtrails' were also sprayed in the skies over the region all day to maintain low atmospheric humidity and to create the inversion layer which stops atmospheric lift / convection necessary for precipitation.

 There are actually seven low pressure centers ID'd on the Surface Analysis map - one of which is a rapidly developing hurricane-force system; there are two other developing storms and two Gales among all of the weather, yet none of this weather will deliver any rain to Southern California because of high pressure installed into place to block all of this winter weather 10 days ago. 

Question to the meteorologists and scientists:

 Where is the El Nino pattern we've all been hearing about for the last two years?

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