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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Useful Information to stream and store your digital life

  Now you can get behind the Geek curtain and see what they do. These three links will instruct you and help you to store and stream your digital stuff. Also there is a great solution to cut the expensive cable and get your TV show episodes automatically from Usenet on your own box like the Geeks are doing.

How I Set Up a Home File Server For Free - A Review of FreeNAS

  Replace Windows Home Server With These Great Free Tools

  How to make your own personal media cloud using free programs and an old PC

Plex is easy to set up  

And The Easy Way

Bonus link: 

 How Geeks are investing in Lego's and beat stock market margins by a long shot!

Remember those Beanie Babies? Or Garbage Patch Dolls? Lego's could hit a bubble that pops and your sunk...Just saying. All investments have some risk...


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