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Sunday, December 30, 2012

We had all been fasting as we frequently did, and we were praying and prophesying all through the night. An all night event that was common to what we called, "The House Of Prophets. An all male house, full of roommates, way in the back of Woodland drive in Laguna Beach. The house was situated just behind what is now known as "The Saw Dust Festival," at the time, 1970, it was only an open field. Gary Hargrave, a gardener, had built a small earthen berm in front of the house driveway  that deflected most of the noise from Laguna Canyon Road.

The house once was the home of hippies, in the 60's,who grew their own pot up on the hillside behind the house. Timothy Leary had been a guest of the house at that time. The bottom level, my bedroom, had the ceiling, walls and floor painted sky blue with  clouds. I guess that was the hippies acid dropping room. We painted it white.

It was pitch black outside, in the cold winter, there were no street lights or very many porch lights to light up the area. We were all inside worshiping, praying and prophesying when there was a knock on the door. Outside stood two large officers of the law. They wanted to know what was going on. Jack Jackson, a short solid man, shared with them the fact that we were Christians who were simply having an all night prayer meeting.

 Jack was the house leader. He was in charge of the leadership of the home which was affiliated with Grace Chapel in South Gate, Los Angeles, CA. He offered the men some hot coffee and they went on their way, satisfied that it was not another hippie uprising of sorts. Especially since the "Brotherhood of Eternal Love," a hippie drug sales group that once ruled the area that was nick~ named "Dodge City" where we were, had been such a thorn in law enforcement's side. The Brotherhood had the concept that if enough people got turned on to LSD there would be world peace. Never happened.

In today's LA Times there is an article of a place that has been doing what we used to do. It is called the International House of Prayer, IHOP. IHOP has it's detractors on the net. But the idea of a 24/7 worship, prayer house is not a bad idea. Having participated in something similar as a young man, I know the fruit can be good and it can also be bad.

It can promote an elitist spirit within the body of Christ if the leadership is not careful. We had that ugly monster rear it's head in our experience. I eventually left, disenchanted with it all and did not do too well until I met Oden Fong. Oden took me into his home at 1195 Victory Walk, just around the corner from the Prophets house on Woodland drive. I healed up and moved forward in the Lord.

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