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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Walter Trout and Bass Player Jim Trapp

 I lived on 45th Street in Newport Beach CAlifornia when I was 13.

I met Jim Trapp one day when he came walking by.

We became the best of friends and did everything together.

Jim was a wild kind of a guy back in those days and instigated a lot of mischief between us.

I used to sit in my super small front yard and wait for Jim to show up each day.

He would walk down from Costa Mesa every day, his mother had rented a house on Newport Blvd near the fair grounds, so he had quite a long walk.

I could see him walking down Superior Avenue, which used to be a very steep hill before they graded it down to be more of a gradual slope.

We had so much fun back in the late sixties!!!

We were in the ocean every single day, body surfing and skimboarding.

During the cold winter it would be raining and we were still in the ocean.

Jim told me that Tex Beneke was his father, he does look a lot like him you know.

I bet you didn't know that Walter!

Jim had a fascination with the bass guitar for some reason, even though he played the harmonica well.

Jim has passed on from an exploded heart while hitting some balls on the driving range I was told, I always knew that he had an enlarged heart but never thought that it would be the end of him.

I was amazed to find out that Jim had been the bass player for Walter Trout...


"Reason I'm Gone" from the Walter Trout DVD Documentary of the recording of Relentless in concert at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, NL. With almost 20 tracks and special footage, this DVD is a must have for any guitar lover and fan of Walter Trout. This is a 10 min sample of this wonderful 165 minute full-length and high quality DVD.

In this last video you hear Walter do a cover of one of Phil Keggy's famous riffs, see if you can find it...

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