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Monday, August 29, 2016

Apple Is Making Life Terrible In Its Factories (theregister.co.uk)

From the Rusty Apple Files:

Pressure from Apple to lower costs is driving worsening conditions for workers at the company's manufacturing partners.

This according to watchdog group China Labor Watch, which says that under CEO Tim Cook, the Cupertino giant has asked the companies that assemble its products to cut their own costs, and those demands have led them to cut back on worker pay and factory conditions

 Specifically, the group reports that Pegatron has been passing on financial pressures from Apple by committing multiple violations of Chinese labor laws on fair pay and workplace safety.

"Working conditions are terrible, and workers are subject to terrible treatment," China Labor Watch writes. 

"Currently, Apple's profits are declining, and the effects of this decline have been passed on to suppliers. 

To mitigate the impact, Pegatron has taken some covert measures to exploit workers."

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