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Monday, August 08, 2016

Kids Love To Mess Around With Methane, Trust Me I Know I Was A Kid Once

We used to go over to the sand near Lido Sands in Newport Beach California during the late sixties and light the methane gas percolating up through the sand.

It always produced a light blue gas stove type of flame that danced around on the sands surface at night.

Steve Parkford first introduced me to this mysterious sand one night while we were stoned ( come on it was the 60's and all of us stupid kids smoked pot)

But these guys have taken the methane gas lighting ritual to new heights.

From the laughter they may be like we were when we played with methane.

They light a small pilot hole that they have made in the ice first and once it is going they sledge hammer the ice to quick release the methane.

I don't thing too many kids will be doing this, mainly because there are not that many places where methane is either trapped under the ice or percolating up through sand so parents not to worry. 


  1. I don't know if the sand still has methane seepage.

    Since the fun days of my youth Hoag hospital has built a facility that draws the free methane up from the ground and converts it into electricity to run the hospital and also to produce steam for heating.

    The beach sand may still light up, gonna have to go over there one night and see if it does light up like it used to do.

    For those of you near Newport Beach, the sand is located on the bay in a small park located behind a licquor store near "Lido Sands.".

    Another clue for you is Jack-in-the-box.

    Best to go at night when you can see the gas dancing on the sand when you light it up.

    First scrape your heel across the sand and then light the gas that you released in the heel mark with your Bic lighter.

  2. Playing with fire is fun ! I also used to take rubbing alcohol and swirl it on the inside of a sparklets 5 gallon glass bottle - drop a kitchen match and watch the contained explosion !