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Monday, August 08, 2016

DOJ Official Tells 100 Federal Judges To Use Tor (vice.com)

The director for the Cybercrime Lab at the Department of Justice urged a roomful of 100 federal judges to use Tor to protect their computers, remembers judge Robert J. Bryan. 

 A report from Vice:

 While the US is the biggest funder of the non-profit that maintains the software, law enforcement bodies such as the FBI are exploiting Tor browser vulnerabilities on a huge scale to identify criminal suspects.

 To add to that messy, nuanced mix, one Department of Justice official recently personally recommended Tor to a room of over a hundred federal judges...

"I almost felt like saying, 'That's not a good way to protect your stuff, because the FBI can go through it like eggshells,'" Bryan continues. 

Of course, this isn't really true: 

although the FBI has had some notable successes at identifying criminal suspects on the dark web with technological means, it is not the norm.

 It's worth remembering Carroll is not the only Justice Department or US law enforcement official to endorse Tor...one FBI agent was also an advocate of Tor


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