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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Why Won't Apple Fix The One Flaw Everyone Hates?

Two weeks ago my wife says to me, in the morning, "Honey I have something to tell you."

Then she proceeds to tell me that in the middle of the night she had gotten up to go to the bathroom.

On her way there, in the dark, she stepped on something that "squished" on the floor when she walked by my side of the bed.

I knew right away what it was that she stepped on.

I had placed my iPad on the floor before turning off the light to go to sleep.

This time I wasn't going to go through all of the trouble that i did the time I dropped my iphone and shattered the screen.

I took my iPad to one of those places that advertised repair of all Apple products.

For $89.00 cash the little guy rocket scientist repaired my iPad in 3 hours.

When I got it back, he said it wasn't "Gorilla glass" replacement but something else that was about 90% the same.

When I got home I realized that it was actually a plastic replacement screen.

Actually I didn't mind, because now I could drop the darn thing and not have to worry about the glass breaking.

So why doesn't Apple address this fatal flaw in some of it's products?

Read on:

The dainty, petite, delicate screen!

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