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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Internet Archive Posted 10,000 Browser-Playable Amiga Titles (techcrunch.com)

 Game on for free

The folks behind the Internet Archive have added a huge trove of Amiga games and programs to the site, bringing the total to more than 10,000.

All these games can be played on your web browser.

 The non-profit library first began adding Amiga software to its catalog in 2013.

 TechCrunch adds: 

We can't vouch for the quality of all of the Amiga titles that were recently posted up on Archive.org, but there sure as heck are a lot of them -- 10,000+, by the site's count, including favorites as Where in the World is Carmen San Diego, King's Quest and Double Dragon, along with what looks to be a fair amount of redundancy. 

I'm not really sure what the difference is between Deluxe Pac Man v1.1 and Deluxe Pac Man v1.7a, but I suspect it's fairly minor, even for completists.

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