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Monday, August 08, 2016

Edward Snowden Is Not Dead Despite Mysterious Tweets, Says Glenn Greenwald (inquisitr.com)

Some mysterious going ons on the web is causing people to ask if everything is alright with Edward Snowden.

 Rumors of Paul McCartney’s death began to circulate in 1969, a time when the strained relationships among the Beatles were becoming public knowledge.

Written versions of this story first appeared in college newspapers in the fall of 1969, but the precise origin of the rumor is unknown.

The story caught fire with the public when it was broadcast by a radio station in Detroit. Russell Gibb, a disc jockey for WKNR-FM, received a strange phone call from someone who identified himself only as Tom.

The caller told Gibb that Paul McCartney had died in 1966 and was then replaced by a lookalike.

The Beatles had subsequently left clues on their albums about this deception.

The caller claimed that the cover photo of Abbey Road, the Beatles’ most recent release at the time, represented a funeral procession with John as the minister, Ringo the undertaker, Paul the corpse, and George the gravedigger.

Other Beatles album covers also contained clues, the caller claimed, and a few Beatles songs contained clues about Paul’s death including some that could only be deciphered when the records were played backwards!

Gibb related the rumor of Paul’s death on the air, which brought a strong reaction from listeners and the story spread rapidly after that.

 In early 1969 Terry Knight secured a producer's contract with Capitol Records which also allowed him to release his own songs as a solo artist.

 He wrote and recorded a single, "Saint Paul" which contributed to the "Paul is dead" hoax that erupted later in the year.

 The cryptic lyrics of the song are generally thought to allude to Knight's failed relationship with McCartney and his apparent belief that The Beatles would soon break up.

The lyrics do not refer to death but were interpreted by some fans as containing clues.

THIS SONG: Was made just months before the Paul is dead Rumor started and it clearly states just what happened to Paul...

Well here we go again, this time it's Edward Snowden...

 His last two tweets, since deleted, were a cryptic message...followed a few days later by a 64 character hex string. 

This combined with the recent move against torrents sites has the more conspiratorially oriented people speculating that perhaps he is dead and various agencies are slamming torrent sites to slow the spread of more Snowden leaks.
Saturday night The Inquisitr reported:  

The cryptic code tweets led many to believe that Snowden may have been captured or killed and the codes were the result of a "dead man's switch" designed to release if he did not check in to the computer at a certain time.

 However, a journalist with The Intercept that has worked with the whistleblower in the past says that Snowden is "fine," but would not elaborate further.
On Saturday Glenn Greenwald tweeted simply, "He's fine".

While Snowden's first tweet was reported as "It's time," its complete text seems to suggest Snowden was gathering information for a book.

 "Did you work with me?

Have we talked since 2013?

Please recontact me securely, or talk to @bartongellman.

 It's time."

That tweet ended with a URL that led to a tweet by Gellman.

 "If you have information on the work @Snowden did in the IC, help me tell it truthfully."

 And Saturday night Gellman also added a message on Twitter for "everyone requesting proof" that Snowden was alive.

 "Take a deep breath..."


  1. It was December 11, 2012, and in a small art space behind a furniture store in Honolulu, NSA contractor Edward Snowden was working to subvert the machinery of global surveillance.

    Snowden was not yet famous.

    His blockbuster leaks were still six months away, but the man destined to confront world leaders on a global stage was addressing a much smaller audience that Sunday evening.

    He was leading a local “Crypto Party,” teaching less than two dozen Hawaii residents how to encrypt their hard drives and use the internet anonymously.


  2. Glenn Greenwald is highly trustworthy, and he was the one person that Snowden contacted first.

    If his word isn't good enough, I'm not sure anything is.

    Russia which is harbouring Snowden has made it illegal to use encryption unless you give them a copy of the keys used.

    So, how exactly is Snowden supposed to be conversing with others without friendly old Vlad listening in?

    Remember, back in the heat of the Snowden affair, it was rumored that he had established an insurance stash of files.

    And during that same time frame the existence of a hoard of Wikileaks insurance files was revealed.

    https://nakedsecurity.sophos.c... [sophos.com]

    These files files were in three traunches - 3.6GB, 49GB, and 349GB.

    Supposedly these were encrypted with AES256.

    The string posted by Snowden is 256 bits long.

    Has anyone tried opening the Wikileaks files with this string?

    An average policeman's or security officer's salary in Russia is not that impressive.

    So an offer of a large sum of money plus a citizenship of a rich country could theoretically buy an information leading to his capture or worse...

    "Is Paul dead."