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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Google Integrates Cast Into Chrome, No Extension Required (venturebeat.com)

On Monday, Google announced Google Cast is now built right into Chrome, allowing anyone using the company's browser to cast content to supported devices without having to install or configure anything. 

The Google Cast extension for Chrome, which launched in July 2013, is no longer required for casting. The report adds:

 "Here's how it works.

When you browse websites that are integrated with Cast, Chrome will now show you a Cast icon as long as you're on the same network as a Cast device.

With a couple of clicks, you can view the website content on your TV, listen to music on your speakers, and so on.

In fact, Google today also integrated Hangouts with Google Cast: Signed-in users on Chrome 52 or higher can now use the 'Cast...' menu item from Chrome to share the contents of a browser tab or their entire desktop into a Hangout."

The support document details all the ways you you can use Google Cast with Chrome.


That is how I watched the Harvest Crusade, I pulled it up on my laptop in my Chrome browser and cast it to my big screen.

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