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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Harvard Law Professor As President Of The United States Of America

Image result for Harvard law professor Lawrence LessigHarvard law professor Lawrence Lessig has announced his intention to explore a bid for the U.S. presidency.

 By Labor Day, he will decide whether he has the support necessary to enter the Democratic primary. 

His goals are rather unusual — he says, "I want to run to be a different kind of president.

 'Different' not in the traditional political puffery sense of that term.

 'Different,' quite literally. I want to run to build a mandate for the fundamental change that our democracy desperately needs. 

Once that is passed, I would resign, and the elected Vice President would become President."

His top picks for a running mate include Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

 Lessig calls it a "Presidency as referendum," a hack for the U.S. Constitution to give more power back to the citizens.

 "In no plausible sense do we have a representative democracy in America today."

 In an interview with the Washington Post, Lessig added, "Until we find a way to fix the rigged system, none of the other things that people talk about doing are going to be possible."

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