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Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Machicolation Mackintosh

So we all know about the Pixels takedown on Vimeo, and that it was pretty bad in a lot of ways. 

But did you know that they took down the short film that inspired the movie?

 Turns out, the 2010 Pixels, which was taken off Vimeo due to copyright notice, was responsible for inspiring the entire Adam Sandler flick.

 Unlike Sandler's film, it's critically-acclaimed and has won awards.

 Talk about kicking someone when they're already down.

 First Patrick Jean gets to watch them violate his work and now they're claiming that his work violates theirs.

 Columbia Pictures recently released a movie called Pixels to widespread ambivalence.

 As part of the movie industry's standard intellectual property defense strategy, it hired anti-piracy firm Entura International to try to police infringing downloads.

 The firm went at the task with vigor, hitting Vimeo with DMCA takedown notices for anything with the word "Pixels" in it.

 As you might expect, this disrupted a number of independent filmmakers and organizations who did nothing wrong, and in most cases picked a name for their video long before the new movie came out.

 Even worse, it's incumbent upon the owners of the targeted videos to prove that their content does not infringe upon Columbia's. 

Even if they get it restored, simply being targeted counts against them in Vimeo's eyes. And of course, Entura is unwilling to help.

Wonder if 
got a notice?


Go ahead and upgrade to Windows Ten.

Windows 10 default wallpaperWindows 10, it seems, is proving a hit with both the public and the technology press after its release last week. 

After two days, it had been installed on 67 million PCs. 

Of course, skeptics may argue that this may have simply been a reflection of how much people disliked Windows 8 and the fact that the upgrade was free.

It is not an extreme upgrade change.

In fact it is very little changed in most aspects.

It is more responsive than its predecessor.

Windows 10 is largely an evolutionary upgrade, rather than a revolutionary one.

Been using it now for some time and it is really nice, it's a really good solid operating system.

What does it mean to be a "real man."


Following The Redistribution Of Wealth

Over the past two decades, China's relatively high skill, low cost workforce made the country a powerhouse of tech and electronics manufacturing.

 But in a sign that things might be changing, several large Chinese companies, including Foxconn and Huawei, are investing billions to start manufacturing in India.

 Xiaomi is expected to announce its first India-made phone today, as well.

The article says that Foxconn's planned factory in Maharashtra "would create employment for at least 50,000 people, state chief minister Devendra Fadnavis said after the signing of the agreement at which Foxconn CEO Terry Gou was present."

 A few minutes ago, I ran outside to take a picture. My daughter chased after me. I told her to go back inside because she was in her pajamas and didn't have any shoes on. She didn't listen. I'm glad she didn't listen.

  Blue Coke Can sold in Turkey

 UN Passes Resolution to Make Poaching an International Crime After 70 Years

  Soldiers working on a locomotive, Chicago, 1945.

The new "Youtube" wannabe?

This is the direction we should be headed in instead of the toxic GMO  route.

He advocates "Playing God" over who gets to live and who doesn't get to live.

In this day and age of increasing lawlessness in obeying traffic laws, one area has found the perfect solution...

This is day 86 on my full return South Pole Expedition 2011/2012. I`m quite hungry and about to pick up my last cache by my second pulk which I left on the way in. As a part of my motivational plan I have on purpose not made notes on what goodies I have left behind in the cache.. and on this last one, I didn`t expect very much.. Ironically my diet on this expedition was mainly based on superhealthy superfood from Supernature.

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