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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"The war against the machines has started in earnest" said the chicken to the cat...

I honestly feel sorry for today's young people. 

They don't know what it is like to live with out a phone.

To actually go outside and have fun with out interruptions.

No connectivity.

 No video games.

 No computer.

 No distractions.

 It’s important to understand what free time is.

We who are the so called 'Baby Boomers' know the bliss of our youth. 

We know.

But today "try to work without interruption for 25 minutes," it can't be done.

Here is the suggested remedy to start you on your victory escape...

■remember to give yourself some free time everyday

■make a 3-minute break seem like a 20 minute one by taking it as true pause – Don’t keep hashing over what you have been doing

■make the weekend a time for free time.

We need to train ourselves on how to fully enjoy our free time :)

It’s truly important to understand what free time is.

Take vacations regularly. 
"My attention span was never great, but modern technology has halved it, and halved it again, and again and again, down to an atomic level, and now there's nothing discernible left. 

Back in that room, bombarded by alerts and emails, repeatedly tapping search terms into Google Instant for no good reason, playing mindless pinball with words and images, tumbling down countless little attention-vortexes, plunging into one split-second coma after another, I began to feel I was neither in control nor 100% physically present. 

I wasn't using the computer.

 The computer was using me--to keep its keys warm.

 (Apart from "enter", obviously. I didn't even have to press that."

Charlie Brooker's Lament

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