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Sunday, August 09, 2015

A Miracle

Willie And Johannas Rudolph

"This is fantastic!"

These are the exact words of Willie Rudolph's physician confirming her healing by God of coronary heart condition.

Last May, during a service, word of knowledge was called out that a coronary heart condition was being healed.

 Willie knew who it was because she was trembling and hot and cold chills flowed through her body. God gave her a like~new heart, a complete healing.

God did not stop there. In 1967 Willie had fallen from a diving board and injured her back. A nerve was pinched causing intense pain.

Again, He touched her. This was in July at Angelus Temple. A week later she was healed of a tumor on her uterus.

Johannas Rudolph (Willie's husband) had an illness that medicine today can only control- diabetes. He had this for five years.

On July 13, 1974, God healed Johannas of this illness.

"I waited several months before I testified in a service," confessed Johannas. He wanted to "test" the healing out.

Doctors tested him also. It is confirmed that the diabetes is gone. Johannas has had no medication since that day.

As a result of Willie and Johannas healings from God, even greater miracles have been given...mainly that many of their family have received the Lord Jesus as Savior.

He lives.

This testimony first appeared in the Shekinah Fellowship magazine Vol. 1, No 1, Page 15, Spring of 1975.


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