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Monday, August 10, 2015

Please Help This Young Man!

Jonny is 26 and has Lyme disease.

He needs to go to Germany where they have been treating this disease for 60 years with great results.

Because of the disease he can't earn a living.

He needs help raising the funds to get to Germany and take the treatment.

Here is his Gofundme link.

" My name is Jonny Mead. I am 26 years old and I have Lyme disease.

 I have had Lyme for six years, but I was only diagnosed this year after my symptoms got so bad that I was unable to guide fishermen on the Rogue River in Southern Oregon, which is how I made my living.

 One day a few months ago, on the river, my arms locked up and I was unable to row or steer my boat – and that was the last trip I guided, after I took my clients ashore halfway through the morning.

 I have joint and muscle pain all the time. My stomach, arms, and legs, twitch violently, I often get lost and disoriented, and my ability to concentrate has declined.

 I have severe headaches, drenching night sweats, and am unable to sleep more than a couple of hours.

 These symptoms occur every day with no reprieve.

 Lyme disease is a very lonely and isolating disease because sufferers often do not “look” sick.

 Hardest of all, I am losing my independence."

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