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Sunday, January 31, 2016

NSA Hacker Chief Explains How To Keep Him Out of Your System

Rob Joyce, the nation's hacker-in-chief, took up the ironic task of telling a roomful of computer security professionals and academics how to keep people like him and his elite corps out of their systems. 

Joyce himself did little to shine a light on the TAO's classified operations. 

 His talk was mostly a compendium of best security practices.

 But he did drop a few of the not-so-secret secrets of the NSA's success, with many people responding to his comments on Twitter.

 The Intercept's report that the U.S. and UK intelligence forces have been (or at least were) intercepting positional data as well as imagery from Israeli drones and fighters, through a joint program dubbed "Anarchist," based on the island of Cyprus.

Among the captured images that the Intercept has published, based on data provided by Edward Snowden, are ones that appear to show weaponized drones, something that the U.S. military is well-known for using, but that the IDF does not publicly acknowledge as part of its own arsenal.

Notes iceco2:  
U.S. spying on allies is nothing new. 

It is surprising to see the ease with which encrypted Israeli communications were intercepted. 

As always, it wasn't the crypto which was broken -- just the lousy method it was applied.

 Ars Technica explains that open-source software, including ImageMagick was central to the analysis of the captured data.

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