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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Private Browsing Mode Isn't Actually Private

The forensic examination of most web browsers has proven that they don't have a provision for storing the details of privately browsed web sessions. 

However, in the case of Microsoft Edge, the private browsing isn't as private as it seems

 Previous investigations of the browser have resulted in revealing that websites visited in private mode are also stored in the browser's WebCache file. 

The Container_n table stores web history, and a field named 'Flag' with a value of '8' shows that website was visited in private mode.\

 An investigator can easily spot the difference and use this evidence against a person. 

The not-so-private browsing featured by Edge makes its very purpose seem to fail, and you can't help but ask how such a fundamental aspect of private browsing could be so fantastically borked. 

It beggars belief.

Well not really.

Windows ten is all about watching everything you do.

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