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Saturday, January 30, 2016

History Of American Evangelicalism File: William Branham, he Moved In The Holy Spirit.

William Branham Had A Prophetic Healing Ministry In His Younger Days

 There are so many testimonies about this man of God.

Historically he played a part in America's Christianity. 

For better or worse, he had a significant influence on our nation’s religious conscience.

William Marrion Branham (April 6, 1909 – December 24, 1965) was an American Christian minister, generally acknowledged as initiating the post World War II healing revival.

 Branham's most controversial revelation was his claim to be the end-time "Elijah" prophet of the Laodicean Church age.

His theology seemed complicated and bizarre to many people who admired him personally.

In his last days, Branham's followers had placed him at the center of a Pentecostal personality cult.

 Other than those that still follow him as their prophet, Branham has faded into obscurity.

Even though he was off on his doctrines and some of his concepts in his later years he left a big influence for God in so many lives wherever he went during his life time of ministry on this earth.

 Joe Riley Testimony (on William Branham) - 17. 08. 2001.

Testimony of Linda Wood ex. Neville on William Branham (Elijah Through The Eyes Of A Child) 

Ed Byskal - My Personal Testimony (Testimony on William Branham) 

Doug McHughes And Joe Riley Testimony on William Branham (Sunset Mountain)

John (Jack) Vissing Testimony on the Second Street Bridge and William Branham

 Anna Beukes Testimony on William Branhamin South Africa

Buford Dowell - Testimony on William Branham 

Sister Julia (Wright) Steffy's Testimony on William Branham

James and Pat Wallace - Testimony on William Branham 

Tom and Dianne Frank, Bonnie Kirchner - Testimony on William Branham 

Pat Mckinney - Testimony on William Branham

Testimony of Marilyn Hickey being healed in a William Branham meeting 

Earl Williams Testimony on William Branham (Flagstaff, AZ) 

 Billy Paul Branham Testimony (Prince Albert, Sask) 

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