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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Despise not small beginnings



To those who have tried to birth a ministry for years and years to no avails. 

Imagine this. - God gives someone an acre of land to plow plant and then reap the blessings of the harvest.

 We see other ministries spring up over night bearing much fruit with very little effort; they are in harvest while we are left in the dust. 

Could it be that their harvest came in so soon because they had only one acre to plow. 

What if God has given you a thousand acres but you just don’t know it yet or understand why it’s been such a long time plowing?

You keep on comparing yourself to those who only have one acre to plow.

 They were able to plow plant and reap very quickly because the parcel allotted to them was actually much smaller than yours.

Plowing a thousand acres could take most of a life time with no visible evidence of any fruit in sight.

 But after all that labor and waiting, the rains come and the sun shines down upon your ministry and the end results are beyond compare.

Let me remind you, that the Scripture says "Despise not small beginnings" and "Think not that your labor for the lord is in vain".

 Be faithful in the small things and the Lord will make you ruler over many.

Open our eyes Lord and cause us to see your faithfulness.

Recently, I visited the ruins of a Catholic mission. 

It was symbolic to me of a life gone by of dry dusty ministry attempts. 

When I came to the steps of a desolate dry ground that once lead to a well watered garden, all I could do was bow my head in defeat and say, Lord this is my life. 

With that I distinctly heard within my spirit the Lord say, "They that wait upon me will not be ashamed"



And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy till I come.
Luke 19:13

I think that this is a prophetic word for Oden Fong and some others out there that I know who have been faithfully plowing away tirelessly for years and years.

You were once at the starting gate with everyone else. 

The gates lifted and everyone took off at a gallop. 

Only one problem, your gate did not lift. 

There you were, full of ambition and zealousness of youth.

 And the gate held you back seemly.

Today the Lord is allowing you to see that He had a master plan all along.

 Did He not say that the latter rain would be greater then the former rain? 

Did He not say that the first shall be last and the last shall be first?

The second string that has been benched all throughout this current game is about to get their chance! 

No more practice pitching, no more sitting back and watching the first string play while you try to not show your disappointment as you warm the bench.

 The coach is calling for you!

 For such a time as this.

 You know He is! 

You are beginning to see the strength and power of the Holy Spirit manifest in your midst. 

The power and strength of the Lord that is being granted to you will out distance those who went on before you. 

You are about to witness the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit that you have ever known.

The call to salvation that will be transmitted through your yielded lives is going to be heard! 

People are going to be flocking to you to hear what the Lord God Almighty has to say.

 They are going to come into the Kingdom of God in droves!

You have been faithful. 

You have never 'thrown in the towel.' 

You have persevered against all odds. 

You have said in your heart, until I die I will serve Him faithfully. 

You have been tried and tested in the furnace of afflictions and come through burnt and smoking, but you still stand no matter what.

The days ahead are truly evil! 

There will be widespread panic! 

The people will no longer shun the Master Creator, they will seek after Him with all their hearts.

 And YOU will be there to comfort them. 

You will be there to lead and guide them into the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Well done My good and faithful servants, I am well pleased with you and will do as I have long ago promised you. 

I will do as I have long ago told you that I would.

 Be ready...


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