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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Laid-Off IT Workers Worry U.S. Is Losing Tech Jobs To Outsourcing (www.cio.in)

 In a nutshell, IT professionals are responsible for managing the information contained in the computer networks of a given organization, including external hardware components—whether working on a contracted basis for a tiny “mom and pop” shop, or as one of a large team of IT specialists carrying out various functions ...

Sixty-three-year-old Bob Zhang is worried about the future of tech jobs in the U.S. 

Will the high-paying positions be a thing of the past? 

 Zhang thinks it's already starting to happen. 

He's one of 79 IT workers from the University of California, San Francisco, who've been laid off. 

Tuesday was their last day on the job. 

To replace them, the school is outsourcing some of their work to an Indian firm. 

"Usually, they outsource the low-paying jobs," he said at a gathering outside a school building.

 "But now they use H-1B (visa) and use foreign workers to replace the high-paying jobs. This trend is dangerous." 

It was a sentiment shared among the laid-off IT workers, who've tried to push the school to save their positions, to no avail. 

Now they fear other publicly-funded universities will take the same approach, and replace U.S. employees with foreign workers. 

"Once you send out the manufacturing jobs, once you send out the service jobs, once you send out the research jobs, what's left? 

There's nothing left," said Tan, who's 55 and now looking for a new job. Kurt Ho, another laid-off worker, said he was paid an annual salary of about US$110,000, but the new workers replacing his position will fraction that amount.

 "In two years, I could be at another company, and I could be facing the same thing," he said.

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