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Monday, March 20, 2017

Happiness is on the Wane in the US, UN Global Report Finds (theguardian.com)

David In Austria 1989

Happiness in the US is declining and is expected to continue on a downward path, with Donald Trump's policies forecast to deepen the country's social crisis.

 The US has slipped to 15th place in the World Happiness Report 2017, produced by the United Nations.

 The world's economic superpower is well behind top-ranked Norway, although it remains above Germany in 17th place, the UK in 19th, and France in 32nd. Norway knocked Denmark off the top spot as the world's happiest country, with Iceland and Switzerland rounding out the top four. 

The report's authors stress, however, that the top four are so close that changes are not statistically significant.


 The next tier of countries are regular leaders in international happiness surveys: 
David on Wall Street 2014

Finland is in fifth place, followed by the Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Sweden. 

 The world's "unhappiest" countries are all in the Middle East and Africa:

 war-stricken Yemen and Syria feature in the bottom 10, with Tanzania, Burundi and Central African Republic making up the final three.

Some of us are still happy in America. 

The evening television news always focuses on the bad things and the bad things these people do.

But realistically there are more good people not doing bad things then there are people doing bad things daily.

"John Doe went to work and helped people today as did Jane Doe."
"Doctors cured people today."
"Dentist stopped mouth pains today."
 "People fed the hungry and clothed them today and gave them shelter."
"People sent aid to (fill-in-the-blank-need-here) today."
"Rescuers saved (fill-in-the-blank-need-here) people today."

The list is infinite really if you think about it.

We have it so good here in America and a lot of other countries do to.

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