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Friday, March 17, 2017

Just one of 210 Atomic bomb test by thoughtless pinheads in crystal clear south Pacific waters that set off little tiny spinning tops of electrons that live a long time and do unfathomable damage to all living things.

The U.S. conducted 210 atmospheric nuclear tests between 1945 and 1962, with multiple cameras capturing each event at around 2,400 frames per second. But in the decades since, around 10,000 of these films sat idle, scattered across the country in high-security vaults.

 Not only were they gathering dust, the film material itself was slowly decomposing, bringing the data they contained to the brink of being lost forever. 

For the past five years, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) weapon physicist Greg Spriggs and a crack team of film experts, archivists and software developers have been on a mission to hunt down, scan, reanalyze and declassify these decomposing films.

 The goals are to preserve the films' content before it's lost forever, and provide better data to the post-testing-era scientists who use computer codes to help certify that the aging U.S. nuclear deterrent remains safe, secure and effective.

 ( Interesting is the concern now for "safe,"Secure", when the barn door has been left open by so many "test" by so many countries world wide. Almost every humans DNA test will show radiation exposure right down to the isotopes,the number of nucleons (both protons and neutrons.

 To date, the team has located around 6,500 of the estimated 10,000 films created during atmospheric testing

Around 4,200 films have been scanned, 400 to 500 have been reanalyzed and around 750 have been declassified. 

An initial set of these declassified films -- tests conducted by LLNL -- were published today in an LLNL YouTube playlist.


People in California are being BLASTED!

* California navel oranges detected with extremely high levels of Cesium 134 and Cesium 137 bought at supermarket in Japan.
* California almonds, dried prunes and pistachios test high for Cesium-134 and Cesium-137.

* Grass-fed Missouri beef hot with Cs-137 in 2011 before disappearing in 2012 tests.

 * Santa Barbara sunflowers mutations within two miles of Pacific

And its not just the nuke test.

I recently had my own DNA tested and  Cesium-134 and Cesium-137 were in me along with a few others, I live in California.

I have stage 4 cancer, no wonder why.

My urologist told me, "all men will eventually get prostrate cancer."

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