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Friday, March 03, 2017

I, David Sloane, was the Christian Band "Mustardseed Faith's Roadie For Awhile Back in 72

I was living at 1195 Victory Walk just off of Woodland Drive in Laguna Beach. 

It was the location of what had been called "The Brotherhood Of Eternal Love."

Oden Fong was renting the house and graciously gave me a room to live in.

By the time I moved in there were only a few of the Brotherhood members left around Woodland Drive..

Most were serving time after getting busted or had moved on to other places.

Here is one man's account of The Brotherhood Of Eternal Love.

(You can buy his book on Amazon.)

"Few stories in the annals of American counterculture are as intriguing or dramatic as that of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love.

Dubbed the "Hippie Mafia," the Brotherhood began in the mid-1960s as a small band of peace-loving, adventure-seeking surfers in Southern California. 

After discovering LSD, they took to Timothy Leary's mantra of "Turn on, tune in, and drop out" and resolved to make that vision a reality by becoming the biggest group of acid dealers and hashish smugglers in the nation, and literally providing the fuel for the psychedelic revolution in the process.

Just days after California became the first state in the union to ban LSD, the Brotherhood formed a legally registered church in its headquarters at Mystic Arts World on Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach, where they sold blankets and other counter cultural paraphernalia retrieved through surfing safaris and road trips to exotic locales in Asia and South America.

 Before long, they also began to sell Afghan hashish, Hawaiian pot (the storied "Maui Wowie"), and eventually Colombian cocaine, much of which the Brotherhood smuggled to California in secret compartments inside surfboards and Volkswagen minibuses driven across the border.

They also befriended Leary himself, enlisting him in the goal of buying a tropical island where they could install the former Harvard philosophy professor and acid prophet as the high priest of an experimental utopia. 

The Brotherhood's most legendary contribution to the drug scene was homemade: Orange Sunshine, the group's nickname for their trademark orange-colored acid tablet that happened to produce an especially powerful trip.

 Brotherhood foot soldiers passed out handfuls of the tablets to communes, at Grateful Dead concerts, and at love-ins up and down the coast of California and beyond. 

The Hell's Angels, Charles Mason and his followers, and the unruly crowd at the infamous Altamont music festival all tripped out on this acid. 

Jimi Hendrix even appeared in a film starring Brotherhood members and performed a private show for the fugitive band of outlaws on the slope of a Hawaiian volcano."

Anyway, Oden and I were a Christian presence in a location that once was held by this group.

We would go to Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa to minister to others and to hear pastor Chuck Smith teach the Bible.

Since I had a van I would transport the audio equipment for Oden's band and help set it up where ever they played.

My friend Erik sent me a photo this morning taken when I and Mustard Seed Faith had visited Greg Laurie's fast growing church out in Riverside CA.

That's me, David Sloane, on the right.

I knew Greg from when we both were at Harbor High School in Newport Beach.

I was there when he came into the center of our Christian lunch time circle out on the lawn and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

I am on the right of the top picture, most of us had long hair back in those days.
This was my friend Karen and I.

David Sloane (Surfer51)

 This is a picture of Alden, Scott and myself on the lawn in front of Harbor High School. This is the same lawn that we witnessed Greg Laurie come to Christ during a lunch hour at our Friday lunch fellowship.

We were all so young back then.

It always is interesting to look back over the decades and review the chapters of our life.

I suppose it is to be expected when your at stage 4 cancer.

I am currently battling cancer and as a result have reviewed my path through life.

I had been healthy my entire life until now at 66 years old.

The recent weeks have been tough with all of the "Test" and doctor visits.

I am currently recovering from an operation.

I am not ready to leave this life just yet, in fact I want to stick around until I am 120 years old.

With God's help and the help of others I have confidence that I can and will make it.

My son Matthew has put up a "You Caring" page on my behalf, to help with my medical expenses and to help me pay my bills, since I am not able to work at this time.

I am blown away that people are already helping me out.

It truly melts you when you experience the love of the Body of Christ!

I am so grateful to those who have given and to those who will pray for me.

For those who don't know me:

Here is my testimony from my early Christian experiences walking with the Lord.

"This is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice in it!"Psalm 118:24

En Agape'
David Sloane

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